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Tax, Tennis & Twitter fo’ sho’





These radio ads for were voiced by Kip, the president of my tennis club.

The St Andrews Road Tennis Club is the only tennis club in Auckland where the play is conducted on clay courts, as far as I know. I may be wrong and if I am, please correct me in the comments below.

The thing about playing on clay courts, as opposed to other surfaces, is you don’t entirely know which way the ball is going to bounce. It might hit a little hill-like clump of clay, or a dead patch, and bounce off sideways at some odd angle, or shoot up really high. There’s a certain oblique bounce known by wags in the club as the St Andrew’s Bounce. What I’m trying to say here is that playing tennis on clay courts can be unpredictable.

Having said that, it does make you keep your eye on the ball. It is a fabulous surface, once you’re au fait with it’s eccentricities, and St Andrew’s is a terrific club with charming members. If you recognise the business end of a racquet and are interested in joining, talk to Kip, the president. He’s a good player himself, handy at the net in a doubles match.

Kip, and this struck me when I first made his acquaintance, coming off court one, beaming broadly after winning a set, has a wonderful voice. He did the above radio ads for me and voiced a couple of TVCs earlier in the year as well. His rich tones and mature, clear diction make the urban slang funny. His character is trying to be cool. When you see Kip on the court placing a deft back hand into the near corner, you know he’s effortlessly cool; a shot like that’s the shiz.

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